[Steven: the final day is here, I’m on my second coffee already, and as Ying Yee […]
[Steven: Penultimate day is here! I’m feeling the exhaustion of the week creeping up, but am […]
[Steven: Middle of the conference – hump day! Please pray for the delegates and their energy […]
[Steven: After a wonderful night of sleep, and now dosed up on caffeine, we’re ready to […]
  We’re here again! This time at the Brisbane School of Theology – which means the […]
  The end of 2016 has signalled for me another year of ministry done and dusted. […]
Great American theologian Jonathan Edwards once explained the purpose of music and song for the Christian […]
Confession: it’s been just over a month now since I installed and starting playing the Pokémon […]
Census night is upon us, and there’s been some confusion as to what to put for […]
I’ve often heard the criticism that much of cinema and movies in general are just a […]