I have a tween. Yikes. It means I’m getting older, and it also means my son […]
Matthew 1 – the genealogy of Jesus is not immediately the most stimulating or inspirational of […]
Superhero fatigue is setting in – partly because of the inundation of Disney Plus shows and […]
[Ed – the final day! It’s been a big, exhausting, yet exciting week. The Bible has […]
[Ed – wow, and just like that we’re nearly done. We’re at the penultimate day, after […]
[Ed: Middle of the week. The tiredness is settling in you, you can see it – […]
[Ed: Day 2 – the day we often get started and into everything, it’s all business […]
[Ed: We’re back – all together, in person :) No hubs, no pre-recorded talks. So great […]
If you didn’t hear, at the beginning of 2020 game developers SimuIaM went viral with a […]
Dr Strange the Multiverse of Madness... what do I think?