Wow, what a movie. Shang-Chi is a feast for the eyes, filled with well-choreographed AND well-filmed […]
This was not the topic I was imagining I’d be writing about when I thought to […]
Last Sunday we began our series in Joshua. Towards the end I said that the phrase […]
It’s hard to imagine that only four weeks ago was the last time most of us […]
When Jesus was asked to summarise the Law he distilled it down to two commands: Love […]
If you haven’t already, expect to see it sometime soon: a misapplied, ripped out of context, […]
To presume on God’s grace is to take for granted, or assume, that God will show […]
The Valley of Vision is a wonderful collection puritan prayers. If you haven’t got it I […]
I haven’t blogged much in the past couple of years, but I have been writing. I […]
Morning Session | James 5:7-12 | Dave Pitt What sort of things do we need to […]