From the Valley of Vision – a wonderful collection of Puritan prayers edited by Arthur Bennett. I’ve […]
We’ve just started a sermon series in the book of Daniel at SLE Church. I’m up […]
Every so often at our church we have a small but sizeable number of non-Christians in […]
I’m reading through this book at the moment – it’s a fantastic read so far. Here’s […]
It’s been confirmed by the Driscoll’s themselves that they will be starting a new church plant […]
Don’t worry, no Star Wars VII Force Awakens spoilers here. Rather, youtuber Marcelo Zuniga has done […]
  [The final day is here! What a week it has been. I’ve described the talks to […]
[The morning coffee has kicked and we’re ready to go. Another big day – not only […]
  Day 3 | Morning Talk 3 | Mark Baddeley | God’s Trustworthy Word Introduction In […]
I thought I’d do a daily live blog rather than try to fill up one post! […]