It hasn’t been a great couple of weeks for my past mentor/heroes. First, there was Mark […]
With around 40 screenwriters, 19 directors, and put together over a 10-year period, the Marvel Cinematic […]
Sometimes I get to preach a couple of weeks in a row, and often when Ben […]
Subtle Christian Traits and all those comments Subtle Christian Traits. I joined the group I think […]
I had a strange moment over the recent holidays. For a while I’ve been a bit […]
[Bittersweet, no matter how often I’ve been here at this conference Day 5 is filled with […]
[Thursday is here. Everyone is getting pretty tired, but we’ve got another big day of learning. […]
[Humpday is here! For those following along at home, please keep everyone here in your prayers […]
[Yesterday was the first time I had blogged here in a while – WordPress had also […]
You know things have been neglected when it takes a year to roll back around to […]