I am, of course, referring to sleep! The other night I was in a discussion on […]
I suck… Well, I suck compared to Tommy. But I play for God…so it’s all good […]
Last night was a night I shall not soon forget. Tommy Emmanuel was in town, or […]
After some backwards and forwards between the car dealer and my dad, I now have a […]
Three stories…all humorous in some way… though the first one is a touch more disturbing… The […]
I had a work colleague confused about the Jewish celebration of Passover and Christmas. Apparantly she […]
Last weekend was very busy – yet very rewarding. YF had it’s annual thanksgiving (which I […]
The other night whilst babysitting kids I had to resort to sitting them in front of […]
I think you can tell a lot about a person by their driving. And add to […]
Quidam. Breathtaking… that’s really all I can describe it as. Tonight Shte1 and I celebrated 12 […]