Obadiah Jnr

After some backwards and forwards between the car dealer and my dad, I now have a new (old) car!

A 1990/89 Toyota Seca. Four door hatch/sedan. It’s done 240 000kms, there are some small cracks in the plastic interior, the gear box cover needs replacing, it is in need of a wheel alignment, and it has a relatively weak engine.

But then, which “servant of the Lord” (as means Obadiah) was ever perfect? :)

Here’s to a long life of service for Obadiah Jnr. I pray that this car would go, in some small way, to serving the Lord and His purpose of expanding and growing His Kingdom!

Now…to get a little Jesus fish and I’ll be on my way!

The Virgin Mary! No wait…it’s Darren Lehmann…

Three stories…all humorous in some way… though the first one is a touch more disturbing…

The Virgin Mary found in a toasted cheese sandwich.

The tooth shall set you free! Jesus found in a dental x-ray.

Darren Lehmann’s face in a dim sim.

In regards to the first story:

– She toasts a sandwich and then sees Mary’s face in it

– it hasn’t gone mouldy in the ten years since she placed it in a plastic box with cotton balls

– She goes to the Casino and wins big because Mary brought her luck…

Little wonder Protestants are so against the Catholic tradition of worshipping Mary.

In regards to the second story:

– why does Jesus always look like the caucasian version we see in the movies all the time?


I had a work colleague confused about the Jewish celebration of Passover and Christmas. Apparantly she thought that Christmas was the time for Passover – that’s why Christians chose this date for ‘Christ’s birth’.

But the simple fact is we don’t know the exact date of Jesus’ birth – which isn’t to say that his birth was insiginificant. In this day and age when all around me I see the signs of political correctness (shown in the ‘Happy Holidays’ slogan and the hiddenness of nativity scenes) it seems that people are lacking interest in this event anyway.

Which is almost the way Luke describe’s Christ’s entry into this world. Lacking fanfare…with people more concerned about other issues. Here was the baby Jesus – who would save the world through His blood – born in a pre-used animal trough, in a barn, in an otherwise unimportant town. This is hardly a fitting entrance for the God of the universe! Why the lack of pomp and ceremony for his birth?

Christ’s entry into this world teaches us that his birth is significant in so many ways – because the Saviour came to redeem us in a way none of us expected…through His death and resurrection. It is then not too inconceivable that Christ’s life would be filled with so many unexpected things.

So whilst I look out into this world and reflect upon the way we celebrate this time of year, I remember that there are still some who know the reason for the season. It is still sad, however, to see that we have moved so far away from it.

Monday tiredness

Last weekend was very busy – yet very rewarding. YF had it’s annual thanksgiving (which I believe was a tradition started by some Americans who had joined YF for a short time) on Saturday night…it was a very emotional night for a few people, including myself.

The emotions were very draining, that by the end of the night I crashed into bed with a thud and fell soundly asleep – but the early start the next morning was not good. I carried over my tiredness from the night before all throughout the day. Hopes of working on a sermon that evening were dashed by a three hour nap :P

This morning I didn’t want to crawl out of bed – though I felt I had reasonable sleep last night. This coming week I pray for continual inner renewal as I continue to work on this sermon. One thing I do note – reading through Hebrews has encouraged me greatly :)

The wonder of Children

The other night whilst babysitting kids I had to resort to sitting them in front of the idiotbox. There wasn’t much else I could do at such short notice – and it was mostly for a two hour block anyway.

But whilst we were watching TV I noticed how transfixed the kids were. In one part of the movie (Jimmy Neutron) the kids actually ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhd’ which really made me smile.

It brought to mind what Ravi Zacharias once said (and how Matthew elegantly puts it as well) about wonder. He recounted a story of how he would tell the same story to his three children – aged 6, 4, and 2 respectively. To his 6 year old child he would tell the story as follows:

Once there was a little boy named Tommy. Tommy walked up to his closet door and then Tommy opened the door…and then a giant dragon jumped out! At which point his 6 year old child’s eyes would light up!

To his 4 year old he would tell the story would follow as such:

Once there was a little boy named Tommy. Tommy walked up to his closet door…and then Tommy opened the door… at which point his 4 year old child’s eyes would light up!

To his 2 year old he would tell the story as follows:

Once there was a little boy named Tommy. Tommy walked up to his closet door… at which point his child’s eyes would light up!

The point? For his 6 year old child, it took a dragon to excite her. For his 4 year old, it only took opening the door for his eyes to light up. For his 2 year old, merely walking to the door is enough to light his eyes up…

The older we get the more it takes to fill our hearts with wonder…and only God is big enough to fill it.

Driving Personality

I think you can tell a lot about a person by their driving. And add to that – I think you can also tell a lot about a persons spiritual life from their driving habits.

I add that last point because lately I’ve been watching various people drive, and I’ve noticed that the attitude they approach to their driving tends to reflect their attitude to life – and I guess in some ways (though there will always be exceptions) also reflects how their walk with Christ is going.

But then again, maybe this is only true for the people I have sitten in cars with :P

Cirque Du Soleil

Quidam. Breathtaking… that’s really all I can describe it as.

Tonight Shte1 and I celebrated 12 months (and 5 days :P) together. I took her to Bretts Wharf for dinner and then on to the Grand Chapiteau for the evening’s entertainment :)

Dinner was very nice – though I can never quite get use to the slightly small servings and the large prices. I’m so use to value for money! Oh well, comes with being Asian I guess :P

Walking to the Grand Chapiteau was also a bit of a task – I took a wrong turn and though Shte1 and I had a very nice walk along side the river, we had to back track because we ended up in a dead end – my bad :P

But I didn’t expect to watch such a fantastic show. As the advertisements suggest – humans really are fascinating creatures.

Now if I could only contort my body in those ways…

A train delayed…and a Da Vinci Code

This morning was going well enough until I hit a delay on the train. Apparantly a truck had gone through the Sherwood rail crossing and pulled down some of the lines. I was at Milton when this accident occurred – and was there for about 20 minutes.

Whilst the train was at rest I was reading ‘The Goldsworthy Trilogy’ when person sitting infront of me started to sing softly to her vietnamese song she was listening to on her walkman. It sounded pretty funny to the people immediately sitting near her – had she known that she was singing I’m sure the embarrasment would have been worse :P

But then I noticed that the lady sitting to my left was reading Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’. I couldn’t see the cover, but the page font was big enough to read… so I read a little and (if my memory serves me well) saw this, “‘Upon this rock I shall build my church’ was authority Jesus gave to Peter as the first apostle.”

I knew then that this lady was reading ‘The Da Vinci Code’. The book reminded me of the truth of what Paul wrote to Timothy – people have itchy ears and will listen to anyone who says anything to suit their own desires. I’m not sure what that lady believes in, but I pray for her nonetheless.

Christianity Today has some nice articles on how we should treat the Da Vinci Code.

To our dear departed friend…

Alfie was always full of life and energy. At times his energy, for such a compact little dog, dwarfed my own :P Most didn’t know Alfie well, but to the few who did good memories shall remain.

Is there eternal rest for animals? I don’t know. What strikes us more during this time is remembering that death is the result of sin in this world… but through Christ, we are given new life. At some point Christ’s return will also mean the end to sin…and death.

For now, we are reminded of Paul’s words in Romans… and also remember that there is more to this life than living and dying


I was a little late getting out of the house this morning, so the morning traffic was backed up more than usual.

Then as our car was approaching the Oxley Roundabout, I noticed a grey Ford Falcon ahead of us wanting to change lanes into the busy/backed up right hand lane. The Falcon signalled correctly, waited patiently for an opening and slowly crept towards the right hand lane – all the things I think I would have done.

But a black Mitsubishi Lancer was just behind the Falcon and completely cut it off – sped up quickly enough to fill in the opening the Falcon looked like it was going to take. The Falcon swerved off, narrowly missing the two cars… sped ahead a little bit, did the same thing and a different car let him in.

This event reminded me of one thing – even after 2000 years, the Bible’s description of humanity (sinful and in a fallen world with all the effects of selfishness and pride) is still very true…and very obvious. We are all in need of the grace and mercy of God given to us through Christ.