Well, that happened quicker than expected – and yet it was still devastating news. Joshua Harris […]
Subtle Christian Traits and all those comments Subtle Christian Traits. I joined the group I think […]
Confession: it’s been just over a month now since I installed and starting playing the Pokémon […]
  The following article appeared in our church’s weekly Pastor’s Desk. This is a very minor expansion of that […]
  Last weekend I had a chance to prepare a sermon on Acts 13-14. Acts 14 […]
  So I haven’t seen the movie yet. I probably won’t – not necessarily out of […]
Got this question in my inbox the other day: “Hi Steve, I was wondering if you […]
I’m loving adam4d – his comics have the right touch of biting commentary and humour. Take […]
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In follow up to my review of Avatar, I’ve recently come across a short snippet of […]