Weddings can be so nice! The venue can be outdoors in a nice setting, or in a grand Church as the one I attended today. The people get dressed up nicely because they want to look their best for the special occasion. The bridal party can be made up of one or five people – either being the forerunner to the entrance of the bride herself…in all her radiant glory :)

Today a pair of good friends united themselves before a flood of witnesses. There was much of the pomp and ceremony that a Christian wedding normally has – but what touched me the most about today was the expressions of love and committment the pair made and displayed for each other.

In a moving part of the afternoon (of which I took part) the bride sang to her husband a love song full of words of committment. The groom was moved to tears by this declaration of unwaivering love.

How, to, I am inspired to think (and also be challenged) by Christ’s unwaivering love and committment to us.



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