Evangelism is tough enough as it is without having to deal with other issues – such as the work you’re getting paid to do!

I spend most of my day running around passing out files or in front of the computer logging things in – this is what I get paid for, though I believe my computer has had it’s fair share of witnessing to considering all the articles I’ve been reading from matthias media website!

I’m struggling to continue to be a godly example when there’s so much going on around here. Whilst I haven’t been able to sit down and share the gospel with anyone in particular, I am making my beliefs known.

Which then brings me to the thought that I wish I had the wisdom to answer various issues/complaints quicker. It’s happened a few times now when people have said something, I respond lightly or remain ‘quiet’, then I think of something more profound to say.

Oh well… have to keep 1 Cor 2 in mind. I hope I haven’t used that verse out of context…hmm…


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