In all my time as a wedding photographer I’ve never done an engagement shoot. I’m not […]
The end of 2009 couldn’t come soon enough. The year’s study had almost run me into […]
It’s weird being at weddings and NOT being the photographer. At least it felt weird not […]
A week after Ronnie and Fiona‘s wedding Esmond and Winnie tied the knot. It was a […]
For the friends and family of Ronnie and Fiona, this wedding was a long time coming. […]
The first wedding of 2010 and the first with my new Canon 7D body. It was […]
Iggy once told me it was awkward meeting ‘Qing’ in the carpark lot of a friend’s […]
Jeff and May originally asked me to shoot their wedding, but also wondered if I could […]
Shortly after Rodney and Shari’s wedding, I was asked by a friend of a friend of […]
I had known Rodney a little prior to starting studies at QTC. He was doing a […]