Frustration…all too easy…

It was a long day today – I spent extra time at work this evening getting more work done so as to limit the amount of extra work tomorrow.

But what got me a bit fired up tonight was when I got to the train station and nobody was there to pick me up. My brother had called a little earlier on to ask when I could be picked up – I said 6:30pm. But when I arrived at my destination, nobody was there.

I then got pretty frustrated at this lack of communication, and as my mind went a little wild with scenarios playing inside my head (of what I could have spurted out in reaction to this moment) I remembered back to what Jesus said in Luke 6:45.

So I asked a quiet prayer of forgiveness…and will endeavour to be a more open communicator with my family. We’ll see how this application point turns out later…

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Steven grew up in a nominal Buddhist home, was introduced to Jesus in early university and after lengthy debate and reading came to realise that Jesus made more sense of life, meaning, morality and our ultimate destiny. Graduating from Queensland Theological College in 2011, Steven is a Pastor at his home church, SLE Church, in Brisbane, Queensland. Steven is also husband to Steph, father to Jayden, Janessa, and Eliza, and part time blogger. He also loves a good New Zealand Pinot Noir, Australian craft beer, and coffee. Though preferably not mixed together.