Easy Gospel conversations…

Ever had those people who call you up at night wanting to help you save money on {insert product} and give you great rates at the same time?

These calls can be easily annoying, but here’s an interesting way to turn them around. When they call up and ask if you want to save money, ask them if they are willing to spend as much time listening to you about the Gospel!

So…you either have them politely decline your offer, or you have a 5 minute Gospel conversation! Brilliant!

Published bySteven

Steven grew up in a nominal Buddhist home, was introduced to Jesus in early university and after lengthy debate and reading came to realise that Jesus made more sense of life, meaning, morality and our ultimate destiny. Graduating from Queensland Theological College in 2011, Steven is a Pastor at his home church, SLE Church, in Brisbane, Queensland. Steven is also husband to Steph, father to Jayden, Janessa, and Eliza, and part time blogger. He also loves a good New Zealand Pinot Noir, Australian craft beer, and coffee. Though preferably not mixed together.