Healed! Amen?!

Was at Shte1’s place last night looking a brochure for the ‘healing rooms’ which are coming to Brisbane. Reading through the statement of faith I both smiled and cringed.

Though I do not doubt that God continues to heal people in this day and age of their ailments, I can’t help but wonder where people are putting their faith when they expect healing to come through ‘faithful prayer’. It just sounds so set up for a fall – like a story I read in Philip Yancey’s Where is God when it hurts? where a community came to pray for a pastor’s sick child. Nightly there would be large visitors and church members praying for the healing of the child…but when the child passed away the community was devastated – why didn’t God answer our prayers?

Why does the “prosperity” gospel – be it material or health – for lack of a better word, prosper? Is it because we are afraid that our faith is actually a hard one… that it calls us to die to ourselves and yeild to a God who calls us to live the life that His Son did?

I can’t help but ask – if I believe in healing…and don’t get healed…is there something wrong with my faith?

Published bySteven

Steven grew up in a nominal Buddhist home, was introduced to Jesus in early university and after lengthy debate and reading came to realise that Jesus made more sense of life, meaning, morality and our ultimate destiny. Graduating from Queensland Theological College in 2011, Steven is a Pastor at his home church, SLE Church, in Brisbane, Queensland. Steven is also husband to Steph, father to Jayden, Janessa, and Eliza, and part time blogger. He also loves a good New Zealand Pinot Noir, Australian craft beer, and coffee. Though preferably not mixed together.