Was at Shte1’s place last night looking a brochure for the ‘healing rooms’ which are coming to Brisbane. Reading through the statement of faith I both smiled and cringed.

Though I do not doubt that God continues to heal people in this day and age of their ailments, I can’t help but wonder where people are putting their faith when they expect healing to come through ‘faithful prayer’. It just sounds so set up for a fall – like a story I read in Philip Yancey’s Where is God when it hurts? where a community came to pray for a pastor’s sick child. Nightly there would be large visitors and church members praying for the healing of the child…but when the child passed away the community was devastated – why didn’t God answer our prayers?

Why does the “prosperity” gospel – be it material or health – for lack of a better word, prosper? Is it because we are afraid that our faith is actually a hard one… that it calls us to die to ourselves and yeild to a God who calls us to live the life that His Son did?

I can’t help but ask – if I believe in healing…and don’t get healed…is there something wrong with my faith?



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