It was Big Band theme on Australian Idol tonight. What a very fun show to sit through! To think that a few years ago I would have not enjoyed sitting through Jazz music… ahh how Nora Ephron movies can change my view of a whole genre of music :P

But anyway – the other day a co-worker commented on my ‘Jesus-Fish-Bling’. He was speaking in reference to my little blue wrist band with the Jesus fish across it. I told him briefly about how this fish symbol is synonymous with Christianity because in the early days of the church, under heavy persecution, Christians would reveal themselves privately to each other by drawing in the dirt one half of the fish…the other, if also a believer, would draw the other half thus completing the ‘Jesus Fish’.

Now, I had originally bought this little wrist band as a way of letting people in the know that I was a Christian. But also to possibly have this wrist band as a conversation starter.

But when I was asked, I found, yet again, that my work got in the way of sharing or having any deep and meaningful conversation. Whilst seeding is important, what is of greater importance is actually sharing the Gospel message.

It will be a struggle to keep this need, this urgency, in the forefront of my mind – especially next week when I continue my long stints in front of the computer doing the work I’m getting paid to do. Therein lies the challenge for Christians in the workforce – to be salt and light, and to share the Gospel message in their lives and through their work.



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