On the 7th day of creation God rested. It wasn’t as if he needed to – it was to remind man that we shall work 6 days and have a day of rest. The purpose of this rest isn’t purely for relaxation, but a time to come to God in prayer and through His Word, that we might find rejuvenation.

When Christ came to earth, He opened up a greater Sabbath rest for us in Heaven – an eternal rest which awaits us.

For now, I must find more time to rest. It’s been a bad habit of mine to be constantly busy and not find time to rest – and not just rest physically, but also as a time of coming to His word and also to kneel my life in prayer. I often forget that my job is not to please God with my busyness, but to simply come to Him daily, on my knees, in humble prayer and adoration.

You know…when you put it like that, it’s just so simple :)



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