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It hasn’t been the greatest of weeks to try and pump out an original blog post. Will try again this coming week… (or today!)


9 Myths of Discipleship – 1) I can’t disciple someone because I’m not ‘godly’ enough; 2) I can’t be discipled by someone unless they are far godlier than me; 3) Only older people can disciple younger people; 4) I can’t have a ‘co-discipling’ relationship; 5) I have to get all my discipleship from one place; 6) I can’t disciple others while I’m being discipled; 7) I can’t disciple others because I struggle with sin; 8) I have to spend an equal amount of time with everyone I disciple; 9) I have to spend all my time on the person I don’t want to disciple. If any of that sounds familiar, this is worth the short read.


9 Ways to Fight the Temptation of Pornography – Short, sharp, helpful.


Piper’s plea to pastors after Pastor David Yonggi Cho’s conviction for embezzling $12 million – When asked about the conviction of David Yonggi Cho, founder of world’s largest Pentecostal congregation in South Korea, for embezzling $12 million from his church, popular pastor John Piper took the opportunity to warn pastors in the U.S. who might “love money,” in a recent message.

Piper’s message should be heard/read alongside Benjamin Corey’s post: When Pastors Live In Multimillion Dollar Mansions, It’s Not A Sign of God’s Blessing – But Our Sinfulness.


False Teachers: Muhummad – Tim Challies series on false teachers in church history to the present continues with this post on Muhammad, founder of Islam. It’s a helpful post tracing some of Muhammad’s life and teachings, in particular his false teachings about Christ. My principal at College always reminded us that Islam is a Christian heresy.


What Should Christians Think of Governments That Criminalize Homosexuality? – Very helpful post. “…the global Body of Christ should stand faithful both to a biblical vision of sexuality and at the same time decry laws—whether in Africa or the Middle East or Russia—that would mistreat homosexual persons.


10 Ways to show love to someone with Depression – An actually helpful article.


Little boy responds with unexpected pain while being scared straight – A short video which is a good reminder that the church needs to be working harder to be fathers to the fatherless… “When Jenny Jones brought former Marine Raymond Moses onto her show back in 1998 to help talk (and maybe scare) some sense into a few juvenile hellions, no one expected one of the little troublemakers to become this poignantly honest about his feelings…


Why Chinese parents don’t say ‘I Love You’ – Lots of friends have been posting this on Facebook. To put it in the terms of ‘The 5 Love Languages‘ Asian parent’s most common love language is ‘acts of service‘. Understanding our parent’s love language can help relieve some of our frustration with them, and also help us to speak the same language of love in response.


7 Tricks to get your kids to eat Sriracha and love spicy food – Gonna try this on Jayden…





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