How I only just stumbled upon this I don’t know, but this new study bible looks fantastic – and will probably now bump the ESV Study Bible off the top place of recommended Study Bibles from me. The list would now look like this:

  1. ESV Gospel Transformation Bible
  2. ESV Study Bible
  3. ESV Reformation Bible

Yeah… it’s a short list.

I’m generally hesitant to promote study bibles for a few reasons. 1) The study notes tend to be one sided and less theological. I’ve always said you’re better off just getting a good commentary rather than relying on brief notes, and; 2) The notes often lack an understanding or show an awareness of the bible’s larger storyline. So comments and application often runs the error of moralism.

So what makes this bible different from other study bibles? Two simple words: Biblical Theology. This study bible attempts to do what I don’t think any other study bible seeks to do as intentionally (even the ESV Study Bible) – it seeks to show how every passage from scripture points to the grace of God in Christ Jesus.

I’m intrigued and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy to read through it.

Anyway, here is the promo video for it:

The list of contributors is stunning, and the endorsements are also noteworthy. Definitely check it out!


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