A bit late, but hey – maybe you can enjoy them over the weekend :P

First up, the Fung Brothers bring some helpful information on all our favourite Asian sauces.

Some surprising information: wasabi isn’t actually made from wasabi, and a lot of sauces are made with vinegar and sugar. Oh, I had a ‘white friend’ like the guys describe at the end as well – who just ate rice with soy sauce and thought it was that bomb…


What if an American Football coach was hired to coach English Football? You’d get this. And it’s great!


Next up: the making of a Steinway piano. Utterly, utterly fascinating. Set to the original factory tour narration by John Steinway (1917-1989).


Youtuber Inhyeok Yeo strikes again with his layered a capalla covers. This time ‘Sailing’ by Christopher Cross.


And finally, I couldn’t resist posting this again. Anyone living in Australia should know by now that we have a Federal Election called for September 7. Here is an introduction to Stephanie Banister, One Nation candidate for the Federal seat of Rankin. So for all my friends in Algester, Calamvale, Parkinson, Hillcrest, Drewvale, Browns Plains, Regents Park, Stretton, Karawatha, Berimba, Heritage Park, Trinder Park, Woodridge, Mabel Park, Logan Central, Marsden, Crestmead, Rochedale South, Springwood, Slacks Creek, Kingston, Meadowbrook, Priestdale and Daisy Hill, let Stephanie educate you on the dangers of “haram” from the country of “Islam”. As long as you’re part of “Judaism which follows Jesus” you won’t be on her hit list.


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