If you’re still wondering which of the two major parties to vote for here’s some videos […]
  So we’ve had some possums in our garage for a while now. When we first […]
Thanks to a relatively large workload recently and illness it’s been a while since I’ve posted […]
So most of you might have seen this classic video:   Well, here comes another expert […]
  So Masterchef Australia is back! The ads make it sound like this year’s contestants are […]
    Jim Cummings, the voice of Winnie the Pooh, was asked at ConnetiCon 2013 to […]
    Starting today is a new, and hopefully weekly, segment on this blog – Weekly […]
Very, very frightening me! Of course, the classic lyrics from what I consider (and many others) […]
Confession time: I have beard envy. My Asian genes just cannot grow anything remotely close to […]
If you haven’t been to Adam4D then you really should.