A snippet from my Ethics class this morning: The idea that Christ is our example to […]
  With two services starting this weekend at our church, going through 1 Timothy promises to […]
This woman is phenomenally resourceful. Having been forced to move out of her home, she found […]
A few more thoughts crept into my head from the previous post. Constructive Criticism Part of […]
It’s coming up to Christmas shortly and I got an early present: my results from this […]
I recently saw this clip: If the video doesn’t work you can watch it from this […]
I read this in preparation for answering an exam question, and it reminded me why the […]
–oo– WARNING: Strong satire and sarcasm ahead. Should any of this post offend you please feel […]
I’m a day behind Masterchef. Life has been fairly busy of late and it’s been hard […]
Rob Bell, pastor of Mars Hill Church in Michigan (just to be clear once again, completely […]