Humpday has arrived. We’ve been challenged profoundly over the past few days – in both the […]
And we’re back again today. We’re now right into the swing of things, the strand material […]
My yearly dose of blogging, back for another week! 2020 brings a big year of changes. […]
I have a friend who refers to God as ‘DaddyGod’ and sometimes ‘PoppaDaddyGod’. It’s cute, though […]
I’m doing a lot of reading on the Lord’s Prayer in preparation for a series of […]
Perfect, sure, right, pure, true, righteous, more desirable than gold, sweeter than honey… What am I […]
    Elisabeth Elliot passed away yesterday morning in her sleep. According to reports she had […]
  Last weekend I had a chance to prepare a sermon on Acts 13-14. Acts 14 […]
As part of our sermon series in Acts 1-15 for church I’m preparing a sermon this […]
  Johnson was a typically good Asian kid. He was quiet and humble. He studied hard […]