With this final talk (and strand group time together) I’m officially on 6 weeks of long […]
Another quick note to begin – wow Mark Baddeley talks fast! I’ve done my best again […]
A quick caveat at the start here – with the other talks I’ve been able to […]
Talk 2 | Humanity Will Live Forevermore Because of Christmas Day Introduction – two visions of […]
Blogging is back, and as per usual I’m kicking off the year with talk summaries (my […]
(MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD) A few years ago I rented an MCU movie that I knew very […]
Wow, what a movie. Shang-Chi is a feast for the eyes, filled with well-choreographed AND well-filmed […]
This was not the topic I was imagining I’d be writing about when I thought to […]
Last Sunday we began our series in Joshua. Towards the end I said that the phrase […]
It’s hard to imagine that only four weeks ago was the last time most of us […]