Now this looks very interesting.

From a USA Today report on it:

When Jesus’ body disappears from a sealed tomb, Clavius interrogates followers of “The Nazarene” to find out what really happened.

“That’s where the detective work comes in,” says Fiennes. “This is an extraordinary story and well-known to everyone. But it takes us on this journey through the eyes of a nonbeliever.”

Ultimately, he says, the story is compelling enough to attract an audience for a Bible story that goes beyond faith-based moviegoers.

“This is pure cinema,” says Fiennes. “I am foremost a lover of stories. The Bible is the most extraordinarily rich source of narratives, featuring the most beautiful stories ever written or handed down.”

I’m excited to see more of this! What about you? Thoughts, comments, scepticism… put it in the comments below!



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