Coming soon to a Facebook wall near you – a dumb infographic with even dumber information.




Even Small Fact Frog gets in on the act…



Let’s break this down simply:

  • Ishtar was the Babylon goddess of fertility and sex – but her symbols were the Lion, the Gate and the Eight-Pointed Star.
  • Our current Easter celebrations of rabbits and eggs have Germanic roots, not Babylonian.
  • The infographic assumes that Babylonian gods and myths were still regularly celebrated by the time the Constantine Christianised the Roman Empire. Given that Babylonian culture existed and died approximately 700 years before Constantine – and given that Persians, Greeks and Romans conquered through the lands – it’s an absolute stretch of the imagination, let alone a stretch of history, to say Ishtar was still celebrated and that the church needed to change this pagan festival’s roots to make it about Jesus.
  • Easter isn’t primarily about rabbits and eggs – but the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Have you seen this dumb meme around? What other misleading/unfactual memes have you seen? Post in the comments below.



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