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Here are some good online reads as you head towards the weekend…

Are We Missing the Point of Frozen – Trevin Wax gives an insightful comment on one of the Summer’s hit movies. “If there is a moral to Frozen, it’s that “letting it go” is self-centred and damaging. What’s needed is for our distinctive gifts to be stewarded and shaped by redemptive love.”


Sufficiency – Former principal of SMBC and current Moderator for the Australian Presbyterian Church, David Cook offers some great thoughts on the sufficiency of scripture for the Christian’s life. “Discontentment that wants more than the Bible is discontentment with God and His Spirit.”


Video Games and Men – Men and video games are a constant target for ridicule among many reformed evangelical preachers. But this surprising article from the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood offers, I think, a more informed understanding of video games and their genre. I’ve been thinking for a while that video games now are much more like novels rather than the mindless button mashing of the past. And it looks like this article agrees:

“Video games now provide such rich and varied experiences that it is now just as probable that playing them can genuinely make one a better, more well-rounded person, just as a powerful film or a dense and rich novel might. Recent games have allowed players to experience the world through the eyes of those unlike themselves, learning to empathize with those less fortunate or in entirely different circumstances. Other games provide us with opportunities for moral experimentation and practice, a safe space to fail and try again.”


Together For The Gospel – What do you get when you have   sit around a table? A discussion on how pastoring and evangelism. I’ve yet to listen to the discussion but the participants should have some insight worth hearing.


CS Lewis on Hypocritical Clergy – David Ould is a very well thought out man. His recent appearance on The Project as a guest presenter went incredibly well. Anyway, if you didn’t know already, there’s a battle in the Anglican communion worldwide between evangelicals and liberals (and by liberal I mean liberal theologically). The quote that David has found is apt. “…if you take the pay cheque but don’t teach and support historical orthodoxy then you’re a liar and a thief.”


6 Kinds of Church Service – Driscoll can be quite polarising at times, and at other times he is eloquent in the simplicity of his thoughts. This post on The Resurgence website should be helpful to those who lead Sunday services.

“How many times have you misunderstood a letter, an email, or a text because you misread the intended tone? Whether it was haste perceived as anger, friendship perceived as romance, or sarcasm perceived as sincerity, anyone living in the digital age is sure to have stories of mixed signals.

It all just goes to show the significance of tone in all communication, even communication that comes without facial expressions or vocal inflection. That principle even includes the Bible. To better understand God’s Word, we must not only understand the content on the page but also the emotional context in which it takes place.”


Finally, Buzzfeed can be an addictive place to visit with all their interesting lists. Here’s 20 Vietnamese dishes you must try.


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