My favourite quotes so far…

Preaching is hard work. And—we’re sorry to break this to you if you’re just starting out—it doesn’t seem to get much easier. – Gary & Phil

The night Eutychus struggled to stay awake was Paul’s last among them, and there was a lot he wanted to teach them. Paul couldn’t catch a later flight and prolong his stay; he had to keep talking. But the humbling point we want to make is that what took Paul many hours of speaking to achieve—near-fatal napping—takes most of us only a few minutes speaking to a well-rested and caffeinated crowd on a Sunday. – Phil

Where God is explaining something, we need to help people to understand. Where God is warning us, we need to help people feel the urgency and weight of that. Where God is wooing us, we need to help people feel the pull of his love. Where God is correcting us, we need to show people that they are going the wrong way and to help them get back on track. Where God is comforting his people, we want people to feel the security and warmth of his comfort. And that, in a nutshell, is expository preaching. – Gary

Our contention is that the Bible itself preaches to the heart. Through a huge range of genres across the sweep of biblical history, through the voices of known and unknown authors, God speaks to move and change people.

Expository preaching, then, isn’t simply one technique or approach amongst many; it’s the model that allows Scripture to speak most clearly and powerfully. The key to preaching in a way that affects people’s hearts is to let the text speak in all its richness and variety. – Gary





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