I’m pretty slow on the news, but this was a pleasant announcement from two lecturer friends. QTC Principal Gary Millar and QTC Lecturer/Pressy Minister Phil Campbell, both great blokes, have a new book coming out.

Looks exciting, and when I get my hands on one you can be guaranteed a book review here…and I’ll most likely get signatures and photos with the authors.

Watch this space!


Here’s what Dale Ralph Davis says about the book:

Let me invite you to eavesdrop on an Irish-Aussie conversation about preaching. This book teems with ‘plusses’: it is short (as a tome that takes Eutychus as its poster boy must be); it is stretching (they force one to deal with longer texts—and leave one asking, ‘Why can’t I summarize extended passages like that?’); it is specific (they include actual sermons with critique); it is searching (in case you skip the first chapter, ‘pray’ occurs eight times in the conclusion); and stirring (you still want to preach when you’ve finished reading). If you don’t buy the book, don’t cry if Eutychus isn’t saved!

Update II:

Believe or not I think I beat Nathan Campbell to the post!

Update III:

I’ve just received an advanced copy for review. Watch this space indeed!


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  1. At first I thought this was some kind of meme you’d created – a book that Gary Millar and Phil Campbell have written about how to save Nathan Campbell…

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