The Valley of Vision is a wonderful collection puritan prayers. If you haven’t got it I […]
From the Valley of Vision – a wonderful collection of Puritan prayers edited by Arthur Bennett. I’ve […]
I have a friend who refers to God as ‘DaddyGod’ and sometimes ‘PoppaDaddyGod’. It’s cute, though […]
Baby Boomers, Gen-X, Gen-Y, Millenials… According to some sociologists the Baby Boomers were the most self-absorbed […]
I have a friend on Facebook who recently posted this as his status: I’m not waiting […]
 Intro: Here is why praying seems weirder than ever in our world. As we get older […]
If you haven’t gotten your hands on this collection of wonderful prayers you’re missing out on […]
Here’s the second talk from Gary Millar. These are condensed from the notes I took – […]
Here’s my attempt to capture some of what Gary Millar spoke on during the recent Ignite […]
Today is ‘R U OK’ Day – a helpful reminder that depression and suicide take more […]