I think you can tell a lot about a person by their driving. And add to […]
Quidam. Breathtaking… that’s really all I can describe it as. Tonight Shte1 and I celebrated 12 […]
This morning was going well enough until I hit a delay on the train. Apparantly a […]
Alfie was always full of life and energy. At times his energy, for such a compact […]
I was a little late getting out of the house this morning, so the morning traffic […]
Early in my evangelism I encountered this question, which at the time I don’t think I […]
There has been lots and lots of rain recently. Minor flooding has occured around the area […]
Every now and then a song comes along which really makes me reflect deeply. This is […]
I recently had to purchase a new Minidisc walkman because my last one was not recording […]
Woke up this morning feeling not so good. Headache, dizzyness, congested nasal passages – not pretty. […]