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A couple of people have pointed out to me in a rather disappointed manner how much rubbish is on the internet concerning the end times. I could feel their pain. There certainly is a lot of unhelpful stuff – not only online but also in print. Much of it very unhelpful.

So I thought I’d trawl my online sermon’s bookmarks to see if there are some helpful things online. And there are, but, as with a lot of the internet, you’ve got to know where to look.

First up, check out this ‘End Times‘ talk from Jeff Purswell from the Next Conference in 2010. My favourite line from the sermon’s intro is this: ‘A book is probably not a good basis for your end-time theology if it has been made into a movie.’

The Gospel Coalition has a heap of downloadable talks from a wide variety of solid bible teachers. Heaps of talks there.

I managed to track down a series of sermons on Revelation by former Moore College Principal John Woodhouse. I’m not sure if the link would actually work so I downloaded them and re-uploaded them here. I think this is one of the clearest sermon series on the matter.

For another sermon series don’t forget that Ben and I did a series on Revelation at SLE Church last year. Find them here.

That’s a small selection of what I think are helpful views on the end times and the book of Revelation. I grant that there are different views and interpretations of Revelation, but I hope this small selection shows at least that there are some helpful things to be said.

Would you add anything else? What helpful end-times discussions, videos, sermons have you heard? What unhelpful things have you heard? Put them in the comments below!


Update (12:41pm, 10th July 2014AD)

Here’s an excellent video – four men whose ministries and work I’m familiar with discussing Eschatology in a theologically sharp but humble and loving manner. Brilliant.


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