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It’s been a while since I’ve posted up one of these. But since I’m on holidays we’re back to blogging a bit more! Here’s your weekly videos all courtesy of 22 Words.

First up, this heart-stopping mountain bike ride down a ridge. Not for the feint of heart…


Next up, Alaskan bear enthusiast Drew Hamilton set himself up near the McNeil River to watch some brown bears fishing. As he watched from what he assumed was a safe distance he got an unexpected visitor…


I’ve seen this floating around the web a little, and rightly so. A married father goes on the best first date possible… #rightinthefeels


“Looking to impress their parents and fellow students for the recent Rock Band Recital at Grosse Pointe Music Academy near Detroit, Henry Ayrault took to his keyboard with three of his fellow students. Henry was the lead singer for the band’s cover of Weezer’s classic “Undone — The Sweater Song.”

The kids’ performance began with rather predictable awkwardness, but it didn’t take long for Henry to accidentally give it more rock & roll attitude than he or his bandmates had intended…” – Joey White


A few weeks ago I posted a video from dialect coach Andrew Jack on the different English accents out there. Here’s another video, with some helpful pointers on famous actors (and others) who share these accents.


Finally, Henry Aurault – a very young and precocious kid – reviews 50 Shades of Grey. It’s a great book review!


That’s it from me for this week. Have any videos worth watching and sharing? Post them in the comments below…


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