Johnson was a typically good Asian kid. He was quiet and humble. He studied hard and his grades were very good. He was always well mannered in front of adults. His Aunty and Uncles always compared other children to him. Johnson was a good, Asian kid.

His parents were migrants and had worked very hard to provide opportunities for him they never could have realised for themselves. Johnson appreciated this deeply and studied hard in honour of his parents work for him. Johnson was a very good, Asian kid.

Johnson was also a good church going kid. He knew about Jesus, he knew the bible stories. He knew enough.

Or so he thought.

Because for Johnson there were always questions in his mind. Could I really trust Jesus? Is he really worth putting my whole life in?

It surprised him to learn that Jesus was actually visiting his home town. Slowly making his way from church to church – how exciting!

‘This is my chance!’ thought Johnson.

So when Jesus came to his church, Johnson found a moment to pull Jesus aside and politely ask, “Good Teacher, I’ve always wanted to ask: what should I do if I want to have eternal life with you?”

But Jesus looked at him in a way that Johnson didn’t expect. Jesus said to him, “Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone.”

“I… uhh…” Johnson didn’t quite know what to say.

Jesus kept going, “You know the commandments. Obey your parents, keep your room neat, do not cause scenes at the shops, be thankful for what you have.”

“Yes, I’ve kept these all my life Jesus!”

‘One thing you lack… study less, spend more time with me in my Word and with my people in fellowship and service.’

“But Jesus… if I spend less time studying then I won’t get into a good school… and if I don’t get into a good school I won’t get into a good Uni… and if I don’t get into Uni then I won’t get a good job… and if I don’t get a good job then I won’t get financial security and have the things my parents couldn’t afford…”

Jesus looked at Johnson and replied, “What good does it do for a young Asian to gain the best degree at the best Uni and go onto a successful job securing him financial security… and forfeit his soul?”

Johnson replied, “But I could use my good job for missions – like being a doctor! And if I earn a lot then I can give lots to church as well…?”

Jesus replied for the final time, “My child, one of my prophets from of old once said, ‘The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately sick; who can understand it?’ Are you the exception to the rule?”





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