So Masterchef Australia is back! The ads make it sound like this year’s contestants are the best ever. Perhaps they have found a way to clone Rishi? Either way, when it hits screens later tonight I’ll be attempting to live blog my way through it. So, bookmark this post and refresh during each ad break, for superbly written, possibly humorous, but quite probably inane commentary on tonight’s kickoff.


Opening montage has it all – everything we are familiar with. Lots of talk about this group being the best group of contestants for a long time – possibly to make up for last year’s poor turnout of contestants.

Asian faces! Instant crowd favourites in this household.

White chikky talks about not wanting her children to be doctors or lawyers so long as they follow their dreams. High execptations Asian Dad would not approve… “You want to dream? Good, dream about being a doctor!”

Gary, George and Matt come out. Gary reminds us that this is masterchef 2014 – thanks for the reminder!

Matt informs the contestants that they are looking for 24 contestants – perhaps 23 or less. Another stark reminder that if you can’t make the cut then you won’t make it full stop. If I was a contestant from last year who left early I’d be a little embarrased…

Emily from Brisbane first up! Sounds Malaysian, making Laksa…yup.

Family connection from a previous year – Ben’s little brother!. Hopefully he knows a few more dishes than Mexican…

Emily first up with her dish to the judges. Making Sarawak Laksa – a non-coconut drive laksa. From Engineering to cooking, from Asian expectations to following her dream. I’m a fan. And the tears flow already – and it’s only been 15 minutes! The judges debate. All I’m thinking is, ‘How are they going to get throuh 50 contestants at this rate?’

Well, neat start, let’s see what happens after the break…


Ben’s brother sounds like Ben… the judges agree. Was chuck steak the right one to use? Which could be his undoing… and the feedback is all negative. Back to teaching then. If he can find another job…

Now we’re flying through the contestants. Asian girl cooks raw fish :( Lots of no’s in this lot…

Laura from McLarenvale South Australia. She’s going to make it in. Why else would they name her when five other contestants have just been given the 10 second no? AND we have a home montage… she’s definitely making it through. Her family is there in support…and they all look the same! Cooking isn’t the only thing in their blood. She reads out a letter from daddy, and cries. They can’t say no to her now! And she’s made it through. Did I say I thought she was definitely going to make it through?

Music change, a little more tense, a little more suspense. Filleting snapper, I see a sieve for mash, his orange peeling skills on display… I have no idea what he’s cooking! The dish is pan fried snapper, with fennel mash, orange miso reduction. Matt says that everytime he’s ordered snapper it tastes like wet cardboard. Inspiring words while cooking. And there’s a bone! Probably…

*explosion* and out comes Jack Bauer… thoughtful transition into the ads..


No bone, perhaps a scale… Matt whips the apron away with flair, just to remind everyone that he’s a judge.

Depali is up, 30, a Dentist, from Melbourne. She’s in, and that was fast. They take a selfie and Steph loves that :P

Why Masterchef? ‘I know that every moment in my life, the good ones and the bad ones, the bad ones in particular, have brought me here.’ Brian was right – you gotta talk about your hardships.

Steph asks, ‘How did George lose so much weight and keep it off?’ Good question Steph. Celebrity Biggest Loser to follow Masterchef?

Next old lady is up, who wants to open up a cafe at night. George has a lightbulb moment. George sets up a date for Gary and Matt. George doesn’t eat – he’s too young to know what Crepe Suzette is. She gets another chance because her food was too simple. Not sure she has much else up her sleeve?


Up next, another foodie fotographer. How in the world did she make all of that in one hour?!

That chickky with the white hair seems like she’s been cooking forever. When will she be up?

Steph asks, ‘How do the judges have room for all this food?’

The most important cake he’s ever cooked. Messy, unorganisd, tart is a gooey mess.

What? Ad break already? I haven’t written anything!


Nick is hoping that taste will get him through. Better hope so, it’s a mess. No sob story, shared with the judges. Possible mark deduction for that. But, the judges clean up the dish even though they give negative feedback? George goes to grab Nick’s nanna. They bring her in to give the judges something more to think about. Note to future contestants – bring in your loveable grandma to plead your case. Nick gets a second chance. More disorganised messy cooking tomorrow.

Passion. Watch this word’s overuse tonight. I think we have an obsession with finding our passion in life to pursue.

Nicole, a flight attendant but not passionate about it, wants to start a catering business. Winning masterchef will bring that dream closer for her. She’s the 12th Apron of the night. She can’t run… that’s not going to bode well for cross country challenges!

Judges dilemma. They’ve handed out the 12th Apron, which calls for an explosion into ad breaks. Bah.


And we’re back. The prior-to-the-break recap is mercifully short. Thank you!

So they are changing the rules. Never seen such great food. So, blow us away and you’ll still make it through. So… how does that change the rules?

Cecelia up. Asian Math’s teacher who went through traumatic brain injury and can no longer add numbers up. Yikes. The right side of her brain has compensated for the loss of her identity as a teacher. Her Macrons are compared to Zumbos, and the tears come streaming. Matt says it’s better than anything he’s ever tasted – even from Zumbo. Zumbo isn’t not going to like that me thinks when he brings his pain in some challenge if she’s still there.

Finally, the guy in the purple shirt and tatts is up. So much commentary from him so far, and now he’s finally up with a steak. Though the description of his future restaurant sounds rather appealing. George starts cutting into the rare – I like my steaks very rare – and he’s taking his time. Gary reminds us that some steaks need a bit more time to break down the sinew… maybe this guy in purple should have cooked it longer in the explosion now englufing the screen…


And that sinew looks as tough as when the cow was cut up. The judges look conflicted. For a guy who loves his meat, Matt says he has done the veggies proud. Burn. He gets a second chance. More burning of meat my friend.

Last dish of the day – wow, lots of people we haven’t seen.

Rachel, doing up an Asian dish. Lovely family moments. She’s in. Only emotional investment for winners.

Ad breaks coming thick and fast. Channel 10 really knows how to milk their shows.


Lucky last, perhaps. My bet is yes. Crab and Prawn Wonton in seafood bisque. Gary picks out a shell, then drinks out of the gravy boat. Classy. Rachel makes it through. Told ya. Feel’s like she’s run a marathon. Ha. Wait till the weeks pile on…

Tomorrow night’s montage contains somsone who does a smear. Didn’t they hear Gary say last year that’s old hat now?!

Anyway, neat first start. Not much fun blogging as the contestants are genuinely nice – it’s much easier to have fun with someone who is a caricature…


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