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Hey, did you know that the life of Jesus was stolen from the Egyptian God Horus? Oh, you know stuff about Horus? Well, I mean it was stolen from Mithras. Oh, you know stuff about Mithras too? Well, whatever pagan god you’ve never heard of is the one that the life of Jesus is stolen from.


At the ‘Final Four’ basketball finals this father and son team danced away to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’. It got the crowd pretty excited as well – I lost it laughing around 0:55…


When your dad is a computer animator for Dreamworks you’re going to have some special home movies…


There are as many different English accents as there are regions in England it seems. Here’s a few of them from dialect coach Andrew Jack


And to finish off, a couple of musical videos.

First – this Star Wars theme rendition on a massive pipe organ is simply stunning.


Finally, this is my absolute favourite rendition of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ – and, of course, by Tommy Emmanuel


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