Lots and lots of good bits from around the net and the blogosphere:

Face in Chinese culture: and what you can do about it!
Andrew Hong has done us another brilliant service by blogging about ‘face’ in Chinese culture. His insights and suggestions are definitely worth reading and pondering.

Pakistan’s Christian – recent persecution
Christianity Today has an article for us to all read and pray through. Pray especially for the Pakistani Christians, that they would remain firm in their faith and not respond to violence with violence, but with graciousness.

The Praisefactory
It’s really hard to find Sunday School material which is not moralistic and teaches the bible well. The folks at Capitol Hill Baptist have generously provided their Sunday School material (including programs and music!) for FREE! You can also find a review by Michael Mckinley over at 9 Marks blog here.

The Natural Salesman
Tony Payne has written an extraordinarily encouraging post over at the Sola Panel on evangelism and personality. He writes:

I started to say that I sometimes find it difficult to talk easily about Christian things, especially with non-Christians, because I’m not a natural ‘salesman’ sort of personality—“Not like you two guys”. But one of my friends pulled me up short.

“No, you don’t understand sales”, he said. “It’s not about being a particular personality. I’ve got all these guys who think they’re great salesmen because they’re the fast-talking, ambitious ‘sales’ guy. But they’re actually not. The girl who’s bringing in the most business is much more laid-back, but she’s genuine. She communicates real concern and sincerity. She gets next to people, understands and listens to them, and then works really hard to help them get what they want. She’s bringing in the business, but if you asked her, she wouldn’t say she was a natural salesperson.

“It’s really about whether you love the product, and know it well, and whether you actually care for people and want to see them satisfied. If you really believe in it, then you’ll sell it.”

Preach Christ or go home!

The ever quotable Spurgeon on preaching. I love this quote:
A sermon without Christ in it is like a loaf of bread without any flour in it. No Christ in your sermon, sir? Then go home, and never preach again until you have something worth preaching.
This is useful and helpful blog post from a friend in Melbourne on how Twitter can benefit Christians. I’m make this reservation with the caveat that Twitter isn’t something everyone should jump onto – but for those who have it to use it wisely.
Speaking of Twitter, Stephen Altrogge has begun a nice little campaign to flood Twitter with Systematic Theology (tag #systheol). I recently got a mention on his blog for attempting to Tweet the Incarnation.



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