Ok, there are some who read this blog and may be thinking I’ve gone all ‘Mark Driscoll Groupie’ – this accusation is probably half true.

I was recently made aware that quite a number of Christians are beginning to get a little upset at bloggers. Particularly in the wake of Mark Driscoll’s arrival in Australia there were a number of bloggers, ‘Christian blogs’ and bloggers who are Christian (there is a slight difference), who raised concerns and vocalised criticisms. Being a blogger myself I’m aware of the danger one can get into regarding being misunderstood or writing something which stems from ungodliness on my part.

So it comes as no surprise to hear that people are getting fed up with reactionist bloggers. Even some of the blogs I read regularly (and promote via my blog roll down the right hand side) have come under fire for being too critical, defensive and…well…reactionistic.

So I found Philip Jensen’s latest post from St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney, to be both enlightening, fair, balanced and humble. He lists three points to reflect upon when considering Driscoll’s recent visit (and I think his comments apply very generally to anything we hear from a visiting/overseas guest speaker).

  1. Don’t be defensive.
  2. Don’t become an overnight groupie.
  3. Don’t respond with nothing.

You can find Philip’s post here.

I’d like to add to that list for the bloggers who may be reading this and are blogging themselves:

  1. Don’t blog (or email) late at night. Your thoughts will not be as clear as they will be during the day.
  2. Always think before you click ‘publish/send’. Take some time to think through what you have written and the reason you wrote it.
  3. Remember point number 2. The internet is a wonderful thing, but it can just as easily be used for ungodly and godless means.
  4. Remember point number 2! With broadband the way it is now the internet, blogging and emailing are instantaneous. Your thoughts, emotions and the possibility of being misunderstood (however great) will be published for the world to see, and it’s very hard to take it back once you have.

And as always, happy blogging :)


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