A few months ago I posted some thoughts on the Christmas Carol, ‘Away In A Manger’.

Yesterday I received the Sovereign Grace album ‘Savior’ (with all-American spelling), and noticed the lyrics to the final song, ‘Sleep, Jesus, Sleep’. I thought it a highly appropriate alternative carol to the subtle-heresy-laced ‘Away In A Manger’.

Sleep, Jesus, Sleep
Rich Dalmas (C) 2006
Sovereign Grace Praise (BMI)

Sleep, Jesus, sleep
We’ve come to see
You who never closed Your eyes
Watching over earth and skies
Now in frail humanity
Must sleep

Sleep, newborn King
We’ll gently sing
You who reigns forevermore
Ruling as the Lord of lords
You who never had a need
Must sleep

Sovereign One
Born as Mary’s son
Prince of Peace
One day You’ll deliver me
Deliver me

But now sleep, Son of God
We’ll watch in awe
You’ll fulfill that Father’s plan
Reconcilling God and man
Now Your promises to keep
Must sleep

You can hear a sample of this song here.

I also received a copy of ‘Valley of Vision’ and will post my reviews on both CD’s soon.


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